Why we love calendula

First, what is calendula? Calendula officinalis, which is also known as Pot Marigold, has been used for healing since the medieval times. Calendula is in the daisy family just like the marigold. Don't be fooled by calendula and marigold's similarities, Calendula's benefits far surpass that of the typical French marigold. Calendula's bright colors make every garden more cheerful. This edible plants makes a beautiful add on to dress up any salad, or bring out some color in you favorite meal.

Why we use it? Prevent infections, promote healing, reduce scarring, inflammation, and swelling. Alleviates the itch from rashes and bug bites. A great skin astringent, calendula helps to reduce acne with its antiseptic properties, and will leave your skin hydrated. Drinking calendula tea can induce sweat helping to break fevers, or remove toxins from the system.

How to use it. The easiest way to take in the health benefits of calendula is by simply making a tea. Drink the tea to assist your system internally, or use the tea to apply topically as a wash. Put the tea in a spray bottle and keep it in the fridge for later use. The cold tea applied to a rash, cut, or burn is wonderfully soothing. You can also enjoy the fresh floral essence by capturing the steam of the calendula to create a fresh hydrolysis.

Calendula grows great in the garden and can be dehydrated for later use. Dried or fresh, calendula is a must have for the medicine cabinet.

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