Rose Water soap made with bentonite clay and activated charcoal is a fantastic combination for any skin type. This deeply detoxing soap and mask combo will remove toxins and impurites from the lower layers of of skin, leaving your skin feeling like you've just steped out of a fancy facial. 


Detoxifying moisture rich soap+mask will leave your skin tighter and brighter. Charcoal is used for its cleansing, detox, moisturizing, antioxidant, and skin brightening properties. Essential and botanically infused oils add additional healing properties and minerals. Made with only ingredients found in nature, we can honestly say our products are 100% all natural. No additives or fillers are ever used, and all products are made in small batches to maintain integrity and consistency.  Take the detox moisture facial when you travel, so you are never far from flawless skin. Soap Responsibly



Rosewater & Clays


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